About Me

Welcome! My name is Myrto (MEER-toe), and I created Curious Citrus to share the food I love to cook at home. All of the recipes you’ll find here are vegetarian, and most are wholesome and nutritious too. You’ll also see a few treats snuck in, since I believe that eating well is all about balance. I find that cooking from scratch with whole foods is very rewarding (and fun!), and my goal is to inspire you to do the same.

I wasn’t always interested in cooking, and I didn’t dabble much in it growing up. I started to play around in the kitchen after college, when I lived by myself and–of course–had to feed myself. I grew up eating home-cooked Greek food (thanks to my mom, who’s an amazing cook) so it felt natural to take up cooking, not rely on takeout or frozen meals. So I started following recipes, and lots of them. This kindled my interest in experimenting with ingredients, trying new cuisines, and incorporating healthier foods into my diet.

When I moved to a larger place and was no longer confined to my tiny studio kitchen, my cooking experiments became more frequent. Then the pandemic hit, and the extra time at home and lack of commute meant I had more time to devote to my growing passion. I began to challenge myself to move beyond following others’ recipes and to create some of my own. This is what you’ll see on Curious Citrus. I hope this blog can inspire you to begin your own cooking journey, or if you’re already a seasoned cook, to discover new ways of incorporating tasty vegetarian foods into your diet.


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